Beresford of Beresford - Eight centuries of a gentle family

BERESFORD OF BERESFORD - Eight Centuries of a Gentle Family was first published in 1895 by three eminent genealogists of the day, Rev. Edward Aden Beresford, of Nottingham, Rev. William Beresford, Rural Dean of Leek, Staffordshire and Samuel Ball Beresford of London. This reprint of the original work - commissioned by the Beresford Family Society - includes sketches and notes on Admiral Sir John Poo Beresford, Bt, the Beresford and Wright family connections, the Beresford Ghost Story, the Beresford and Fitzherbert family connections, The Right Hon. John Beresford and the Beresford and Cobbe family connections.

  • Authors Notes
  • 5 plates of illustrations
  • Running to 102 B5 pages
  • Paper cover

Author: Rev. Edward A Beresford, Rev. William Beresford, Samuel Ball Beresford Available From: The Beresford Family Society.

Beresford of Beresford Part I (A History of the Manor of Beresford) and Part III (Eight Centuries of a Gentle Family) is available in one hardback volume, A5 format, 219pp.